The Oyster Kit

The Oyster Kit

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Make the wold your oyster with our 100% TSA Compliant Travel Kit. Inspired by our desire to make travel organized and stress-free, the kit contains everything one might need when traveling abroad.

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Each kit contains 18 travel essentials:

  1. First Aid Kit

  2. Fingernail Clippers

  3. Tweezers

  4. TSA Compliant Scissors

  5. 5600 mAh Powerbank

  6. iPhone & Android Compatible Cable

  7. Writing Pen

  8. Luggage Scale (Batteries not included)

  9. Playing Cards

  10. Reusable Nylon Tote

  11. Headphone Splitters

  12. Universal International Power Outlet Adapter

  13. TSA Compliant Bottle Opener & Corkscrew

  14. Microfiber Towel

  15. Collapsible Waterbottle

  16. Two Reusable Napkins

  17. Two Unbreakable Wine Glasses

  18. Two Sets of Reusable Cutlery