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We are Jerry, Elliott, Hollis, and Baby #2 (Due November 2018!). We’re based in Houston, TX and live in a 1907 historic home in the heart of the city. We know all of our neighbors, eat most dinners around the dining room table, and seldom have a night without a good bottle of wine. We adore travel and are obsessed with spending time together.

When we created Fortnight & Fifty we wanted we to invite others to come along with us as we figure out how to navigate the stresses, ups, downs, and challenges of family life. Between full time careers, a masters thesis, a fast and furious two year old, and one on the way, it can be challenging to shift out of the “what’s the next thing” mentality.

At our core we believe life is meant to be lived and that’s not just true for the folks with money and freedom. Life, with it’s obligations and constraints, can and should be beautiful, full of joy, and marked with memory after memory of time well spent together, especially in the day to day moments.


Ethically Produced. Elegant & Affordable Products.


All of our products are ethically sourced and locally produced or assembled here in Texas by folks being paid a living wage. We love Texas and we’re proud to live here; thus, we want to support the folks around us.

Each of our products is meant to inspire and enable families to make the most of their time together. They’re simple and beautiful with a flare for the practical (notice, we’ll not be selling anything porcelain or easily breakable - we have a 2 year old after all). Furthermore, we put a lot of thought and planning into our supply chain, ensuring we can keep all our products at an affordable price point. Our goal is for most folks to be able to join and be a part of our community.