Our Favorite Meal of the Week

Apple Pancakes-1.jpg

We eat most meals at home; it’s cheaper, it’s less hectic, Elliott loves the cooking aspect (I do as well for that matter), the time spent together is better. I only say that to provide an adequate level of weight to what I’m about to say.

Saturday morning breakfast is our absolute favorite meal of the week.

This particular meal has no schedule, takes up much of the morning, especially when you factor in all the coffee drinking before and after. It’s an excuse to make homemade waffles or apple pancakes (Shout out to Mimi Thorisson for those this week) and it’s a meal where all 3 of us can spend a long time without having to think about bedtime and baths and stories and schedules for the next day or getting off to work.

In short, the food is delicious. The conversation is un-rushed. And, our toddler isn’t grumpy.


Jerry Hodge