Why a Beeswax Candle

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I love burning candles. I love how beautiful they look in their jars. I love how pretty the light is that they put off. And I love the way they make the room smell so good and homey. But, as I’ve grown more and more aware of the many harmful chemicals in products, including in food and cosmetics, and become more diligent about sourcing things that are non-toxic, clean, and natural, I’ve shied away from burning candles in our home.

We came up with three beautiful scent combinations: the clean scent, the floral scent, and the manly scent.

We came up with three beautiful scent combinations: the clean scent, the floral scent, and the manly scent.

The reason why: in just doing a little google search, I found research saying that scented candles can put of chemicals that are as dangerous as second hand smoke (source), that fragrances used in some candles can cause lung damage (source), and that some candles tested positive for emitting such chemicals as formaldehyde and naphthalene (source).  

Along with all those scary facts, I’ve found in the last few years, since switching to eating and using almost exclusively organic and natural products, that candles with artificial scents to give me headaches. I can only burn some of my beautiful candles for about 20 minutes at a time before the scent completely overwhelms me and my head starts to throb.

So what was a candle-loving lady who wants a nice smelling home as well as to keep her family safe from harmful chemicals to do? In order to solve these problems, Jerry and I went searching for a candle maker who uses all natural ingredients, sources their ingredients ethically, and creates a lovely candle that we would want in our home.

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The answer was a Texas-based artisan who makes beeswax candles scented only with essential oils and coconut oil as the essential oil carrier. We loved the candles immediately for their subtle but lovely scent and were particularly drawn to the fact that they are made of beeswax instead of potentially GMO-soy wax. It turns out, beeswax is known for being an air purifier in and of itself because, when it is burned, it releases positive ions, which then bind to negative ions in the air which cause odors (source).

We’re so pleased with these candles and we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

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