Why a Wooden Bowl: The Blackwell Bowl

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One of the things we try to do as a family is eat every dinner together around our dining room table at home. We love having a beautifully set table and great meals but we want to be able to enjoy the time together relatively stress free. We also have a two year old (and, frankly, a mama) who is, how shall we say, accident prone. We love having Hollis participate in the ritual of setting the table and getting dinner ready (imagine this cutie saying, “Up! Up!” Wanting to sit on the countertop while we cook) but without the stress of potentially breaking dishes.

This idea was made even more relevant in a week when, between the three of us, we managed to break four of our beautiful serving dishes (including a gorgeous cake stand with a lid that was a wedding present for Jerry and I). We started talking and realized we needed to have dishes which were beautiful, elegant, and family proof. Turns out, porcelain and glass only meet two of those requirements.

We started investigating and found a wood worker in south Texas. We approached him about making the bowls and struck up a partnership. What we came up with was a bowl that will endure our current toddler, and, hopefully, the many others to come.

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These wooden bowls are hand turned in his workshop in south Texas and made from reclaimed Texas mesquite; meaning, we don’t cut down any trees for the product. Instead, we leverage trees which have already fallen or wood which would have been thrown out. Once turned the bowl is finished with olive oil and beeswax, avoiding some of the scary chemicals and odd smells wooden dishes can put off.

Put all those things together and the result is a simple and beautiful piece that is also responsibly sourced and produced.

Check them out here. And remember, these make amazing gifts as they can be used for serving food or for decor. Bon appetit!

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