Why Fortnight and Fifty

Yesterday was a big and exciting day. We launched our new company, Fortnight and Fifty.

Many of you reading this will be asking, “Wait, what about Oyster Kits?” Truthfully, it’s a fair and honest question. We launched Oyster Kits a little over a year ago with the aim of making travel, especially international travel, stress free, organized, and simple. We love that the Original Kit was our first product and we continue to use it, like many of you, every time we travel, even if it’s just a weekend trip away to Austin.

But (there’s always a but, right?), as we continued to invest time and energy and thought into Oyster Kits we kept coming back to the same questions - Isn’t there so much more to traveling than just being well-equipped and organized? And, what about all the time at home when we’re not traveling? Are those experiences not important? Aren’t we super passionate about making houses homes and enabling families to thrive and grow and have experiences both at home and abroad that bring them closer together?

In short, we realized, especially when considering our family vision, we needed to think bigger than just providing our kits. Oyster Kits represents a vital piece of the kind of life and family vibe we’re passionate about, but it’s just one piece of the whole picture. We wanted to help families not just get from point A to point B well but also be able to make sure every week of the year is one filled with the good stuff life is made of.

While having all of these thoughts and discussions (and sometimes lively debates) on what we wanted Oyster Kits to be we received some disappointing news from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Because of a decision made by the USPTO we were now potentially in violation of an existing trademark. We gave ourselves a weekend to be frustrated and mad and disappointed at all the work that would seemingly be thrown out the window; however, around Tuesday of the following week we both looked at each other and said, “Isn’t this a great time to expand and broaden our vision, to start addressing the bigger picture we’re so passionate about?”

Website Background Photos-3.jpg

So, here we are and here’s what we came up with. Fortnight and Fifty is the company that has travel accessories for the two precious weeks a year that most people have to travel and beautiful, kid-friendly home accessories for the ordinary yet special other fifty weeks a year.

We’ll continue selling our original travel kit, enabling folks to have all the essentials they need to minimize those inevitable travel stressors which can ruin a day or a whole trip. But you can also expect us to start talking about how to travel with kids (that’s right, Elliott is due with our second kiddo in November), how to make your time at home meaningful, restful, and full of beauty. You can expect us to talk about to turn a house into a home, and how to make the most of weekend getaways, how to make a living room elegant and toddler proof. We’ll be candid about how to budget for trips and nights out while still being responsible and planning for the future. You can also expect us to show up with products that make life simple, full of beauty, easy, and enable you to explore the world and the backyard. In short, we’ll be talking about how to make the chaos, mess, stress, and challenge of doing life as a family with kids fun, beautiful, satisfying, and relaxed. We’ll be talking about how these years are rewarding, life giving, and exciting rather than being years you simply survive, waiting for things to get easier.

We are so thankful for your support of Oyster Kits and hope you’ll join us on this next step of the journey.

With gratitude,

Jerry, Elliott, Hollis, & Hodge Baby #2