No! Mama!

We’re going through a phase.

 Baby #2 is due Nov. 19th and we’re very much gearing up for our little party of 3 to turn into a soiree of 4. We’re totally jazzed, only a little freaked out, and very much anxious to meet #2 (we still don’t know gender!).

Hollis, our daughter, who is a little over 2 is very much aware of a couple of things:

  1. There’s another human inside Mama. (“BeeBee!” she often exclaims with delight).

  2. This “BeeBee” is going to irrevocably change her life.

Thus, she’s going through a bit of a Mama phase. Half of the days a week when I come home she’s absolutely thrilled. The other half? Tears. Sobbing. “No! Mama!”

In thinking on how best to respond to this phase, I had a couple of thoughts.

Change is hard, especially for a little one who is still learning words and feelings and emotions and thoughts and the rhythm of life. It’s a challenge; I mean, many adults are still figuring this stuff out, myself included.

 I once heard the mark of a good manager was someone who absorbed chaos and returned peace. You could probably extend that principle to being a parent. A parent’s role is in so many ways is to take the chaos of growing up and returning peace, consistency, and the opportunity to experience the throes of life without pressure to get it right the first time, or second time for that matter.

I see Hollis experience this transition and I just wonder at how frenetic it all is, how fast paced life is. We’re fairly convinced solid families are families in which parents can slow things down a bit, at least for their kids, long enough for experiences and transitions to be had and savored and understood. Solid families are families where parents absorb the chaos of life and return peace so their children can thrive not despite the change and transition but through all those things.

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